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Best Headache treatment in India

Headache can be described as the onset of pain that usually arises in the head and neck area. It is a very common occurrence and can happen to anyone. The problem arises when a headache occurs in a severe form called migraine. Migraine or one-sided intense periodic headaches is a specific type of headache that occurs in varying intensity and is also accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound, vomiting, and nausea. If an individual is suffering from severe unexplained headaches, particularly on one side of the head, then it is the symptom that one is suffering from migraines.

Migraine is a primary headache disorder that is characterized by recurrent attacks. Migraine is classified into two categories, such as classic and common migraines. Some common pre-signs of migraine include pain, numbness, fatigue, weakness, and lethargy.

The headaches mostly cause pain in the face. But suppose the cause of the head pain is migraine. It can occur in various frequency and intensities as it is an extremely painful condition that is often accompanied by light sensitivity and nausea. The people experiencing migraines may often experience flashes of light and tingly sensation in their limbs.

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The hallmark symptoms of migraine are an unbearable and debilitating headache that is described as intense pulsating pain on one side of the head. Many people also suffer from visual disturbances known as the aura that include flashing zigzag lines and temporary blindness.

Migraine pain can cause nausea. The migraine pain does not occur with seizures or loss of body control. The patient experiencing migraines must note the changes occurring in the body like numbness, dizziness, vomiting, and loss of sensory control. It is strongly recommended that one must immediately consult with a neurologist if they experience any of the following symptoms.

Headache caused by a brain tumor:

When a tumor grows in the brain, it causes brain swelling. The pain intensity also depends on the tumor's location, and when the brain tumor compresses the veins, nerve fibers, skull walls, the headache is triggered. A brain tumor can also cause intracranial pressure and exert pressure on the brain tissues and cerebrospinal fluid.

The migraine specialist in Delhi, Dr. Arun Saroha, will help one to determine the root cause of their headache or migraine. Brain tumors can be life-threatening conditions and must be provided with immediate tre;atment.

Symptoms of Headaches and Migraine:

Many individuals encounter headaches concern in the early part of their life. This concern can affect an individual in their childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood phase and this disease may start spreading its roots.

The migraine disorder shows four different symptoms: prodrome, aura, attack, and postdrome phases. Others may not experience the symptoms experienced by one individual. The following are some of the common headaches migraine symptoms.

Prodrome stage

The patient might suffer from neck stiffness, food cravings, mood changes, constipation, thirst and frequent urination, and uncontrolled yawning.

Aura stage

In this stage, one might suffer from pin and needles like sensations, weakness, and numbers in their face, difficult speaking, hearing some noise and music, and experiencing light flashes and spots.

Attack stage

In this stage, one might experience pain on one side of the head, sensitivity to light along with nausea and vomiting.

Postdrome stage

In this stage, one might feel confused, drained, and suffer from sudden shooting pain that can last for about a few hours to a few days.

Other common symptoms include:

  • Vision loss
  • Irregular speech
  • Mildly euphoric
  • Depressed feeling
  • Hyperactivity
  • Irritation
  • Stiffness in the neck

Headache Management and Treatment in India

The headache usually goes away with medication and home remedies. This includes exercises, medications, hot water bath or showers, acupuncture, cold pack therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and proper stress management.

One can visit Dr. Arun Saroha, the best headache treatment doctor to treat all types of headaches such as tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraine headaches, thunderclap headache, and rebound headaches.

Ways that help prevent Headache:

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Drinking enough amounts of fluids
  • Avoiding stress and anxiety
  • Exercising on a regular basis

Factors that can trigger Headache or Migraine:

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Loud sound
  • Weather changes
  • Skipping meals
  • Lack of sleep
  • Eating processed and salty food can cause migraines.
  • Aged cheeses and fermented food can also cause migraines in some people.
  • Strong smell
  • Hormonal changes
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Overuse of medications
  • Tobacco consumption
  • Intense physical exercise and activities
  • Tobacco can lead to migraine headaches and throbbing pain.

There are various other migraines triggers that include women who consume birth control pills, and people who drink Red wine and consume cheese can also develop a migraine.

Diagnosis of the Migraine triggering factors in Delhi

A migraine doctor will check for one’s medical history and checks if one has a family that has a history of having migraines. Then such individuals are more of getting a chance of migraines. The neurologist also asks about the symptoms that one is experiencing. The doctor also performs blood and diagnostic tests in addition to diagnose the causative agent of the migraine.

MRI scan is also performed by the doctor to see the detailed view of the entire brain. This treatment uses radio waves and a magnetic field to create images of the brain.

CT scan is also very useful for the diagnosis of the neurological problem related to the brain and factors causing migraine.

Migraine treatment in India

The pain caused by the migraine is different from other types of headaches because it is caused by a change in the nerve, which is a part of the brain's chemical activity. Many a time, genetic and several environmental factors are also considered responsible for causing migraines. The migraine usually occurs on one side of the brain, and it also increases from the light to increasing stabbing like pain.

  • In the first line of treatment, several anti-inflammatory drugs, non-steroidal drugs, and various combination analgesics and alkaloids are recommended to treat migraines. The first line of treatment is usually used to treat mild and moderate migraines.
  • Opioid medicines are also prescribed when another form of migraine treatment is not working.
  • Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are also effective in providing relief from a migraine attack.
  • Anti-nausea medications are provided to those patients who experience severe headaches, along with vomiting and nausea.

The pain of the migraine can last from several minutes to several days. So if one is suffering from migraine and are looking for the best solution, they can consult with the best doctor for migraine treatment in Delhi. It is to be noted that the pain experienced by the brain tumor and caused by migraine is similar. So it is very much recommended that one must consult the headache specialist in Delhi. The doctor will be able to figure out the nature and causes of the headache. If migraines cause pain, it is manageable with medications, lifestyle changes, and by avoiding triggers, and one should not be worried about it. But brain tumor is a life-threatening condition and must be provided within an immediate treatment.

Migraine or Headache treatment cost in India

One must consult with their doctor to know more about the cost, as according to the severity of one's condition, the treatment cost may vary.


People with brain tumors often experience headaches, so it is very important that if anyone is experiencing severe headaches or migraine-like pain, it is recommended that one must immediately consult with a doctor. There are various similarities between the pain of headaches or the migraine and a brain tumor.

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Lifestyle changes that help manage Migraine:

Following are the healthy lifestyle changes that one should adapt to avoid migraine:

  • Drink enough water so that your body is hydrated.
  • Consume a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Do not skip your meals and eat your food on time.
  • Take an adequate amount of sleep.
  • Exercise often but do not perform strenuous activities that can trigger headache.
  • One can perform aerobic exercises that can help to reduce tension from the body. This type of exercise also makes one less prone to get a migraine.
  • Try yoga that promotes good health and help to prevent migraine.
  • Meditation, breathing techniques, and exercises can be combined to promote overall general health and release stress.
  • One should also keep a note of the factors and the food they are consuming. This also helps to determine the causative agent causing migraine.
  • The people suffering from migraine must eat orange, yellow, and green leafy vegetables, drink spring water, eat brown rice, non-salty food items, and fruits antioxidant-rich fruits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Primary headaches can be caused by chemical activity in your brain, nerves or blood vessels around your skull, or muscles in your head and neck (or a combination of these factors). Some people may also have mutations that make them more susceptible to migraines.

Hot compresses and gentle massage are commonly used in treatment. Anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants can also be beneficial. If you suffer from these headaches often, your doctor can prescribe antidepressants or antiepileptic drugs to help you manage them.

While each patient's pain is different, headaches caused by brain tumors are constant and get worse at night or early in the morning. They're often characterized as dull, "pressure-type" headaches, but some patients also report acute or "stabbing" pain.

However, migraines or cluster headaches are the most likely causes of headaches on the right side of the head. Tension headaches may also cause side pain in some people.

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