Blood Clot Brain Treatment

Blood Clot Brain Treatment in India

The brain is one of the most crucial organs of the body. A blood clot in the brain can cause serious health hazards like brain stroke or brain attack.

Blood clots are a type of semi-solid masses of blood that can block the blood flow or can be stationary (thrombosis) and travel to various parts of the body. The clot can be life-threatening, depending upon the location and severity.

The normal blood flows freely through the veins and arteries and helps to provide oxygen to the body's cells and tissues. Blood clotting and coagulation also act as a very necessary function in the body and helps to stop bleeding when an injury or cuts occur. But, too much clotting can be serious or life-threatening.

A blood clot can occur in any part of the body, and each has a different symptom. It can affect the legs, arms, heart, lungs, abdomen, and brain.

Patients with a blood clot in their brain experience problems with vision, speech and also suffer from seizures and general weakness.

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Factors that cause Blood Clot Formation in the Brain:

The main cause of blood clots in the brain is the blood not flowing to the brain. The blood contains essential elements such as immune cells, gases and helps maintain body temperature. Any obstruction causes the blood to clot and forms a thrombus.

The thrombus then breaks and enters into the bloodstream and further forms an embolus, causing various unpleasant symptoms in the body. A brain stroke occurs when the blood clots get big enough, and it cuts off the blood supply to a part of the brain, and damages the skull and the brain tissues.

If the clot is formed inside the veins, it will not dissolve on its own, and if this clot is moveable, it moves along the brain, lungs, and heart and prevents blood flow, and creates an emergency situation.

When a blood clot occurs in the brain, it is known as a stroke. It may cause you a sudden headache and sharp pain or other symptoms such as difficulty in speech or vision impairment.

Other risk factors that increase the risk of the formation of a blood clot:

  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Head injury
  • Weight gain
  • Pregnancy
  • Family history
  • Accident or traumas
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Eating a fat and sugar-rich diet
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Increasing age (old age people are more prone to get blood clots)
  • Travelling for a long time period and spending more time sitting.

Symptoms of Brain Blood Clot:

It is easy to identify that one is about to or have encountered a brain stroke. The following are the indications that can diagnose that one is suffering from a blood clot in the brain and can be brought to immediate medical attention.

The symptoms include:

  • The early sign of impending brain stroke is blackened or blurry vision.
  • Seizures.
  • Drooping on one side of the face.
  • Numbness in one of the arms and leg.
  • Loss of body balance and body coordination.
  • Face difficulty in eating, drinking, and swallowing foods and drinks.
  • Sudden headaches, feeling dizzy or wanting to vomit.
  • Face partial or acute paralysis on one side of the mouth, or anyone of your limbs (legs and arms), etc.
  • An eventual brain stroke is characterized by speech impairment. The language becomes slurry, and one faces difficulty in speaking.

Diagnosis of Brain Blood Clot in Delhi:

A variety of medical procedures are performed to diagnose the condition. First, a physical examination is performed, followed by checking the patient's heart rate and blood pressure. The eye and hand coordination are checked thoroughly, and the normal brain functioning is also checked thoroughly. The symptoms of blood clots are also monitored. After these tests, the blood clot removal treatment doctor also proceeds with the blood and other imaging tests to determine the type of stroke the patient is suffering from. The blood test help determine the levels of electrolyte and platelets, and imaging test include the Angiograms (to check blockages, CT angiography of the head, Cerebral angiography, Carotid ultrasound, MRI, and Carotid Ultrasound to detect fatty plaque.


If one is observing these symptoms, then it is a sign of a medical emergency for the patient. Immediate medical assistance can help to treat the concern, and recovery and survival are much higher with quick medical treatment.

Dr. Arun Saroha, an expert neurosurgeon doctor in Delhi, shares a fast medical response can save a patient partial or complete paralysis.

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Best Blood Clot Treatment in Delhi, India:

There are various treatments available that help cures blood clot problems, and it also depends upon the severity and location of the clot.

One must undergo the treatment immediately if they are diagnosed with a blood clot in the brain. It is necessary that the initial treatment must be provided as it improves the chances of recovering from the condition.

Treatments methods include

Treatments methods include

Anti platelets
They help in dissolving the blood clots and prevent any further formation of blood clots in the brain.

Blood-thinning medications
Several blood-thinning medications or anticoagulants are used as the first line of treatment to cure the blood clot. They can prevent a blood clot from getting larger.

Surgical treatment is recommended when the clot is large or when the blood clot is causing severe tissue injury.


Many surgeries are performed that help removes clot from inside the arteries or veins. This surgery helps to remove clumps of the blood clot present in the vessels. In this treatment, an incision is made in the blood vessel, and the clot is removed, and then the blood vessel is repaired. This helps to restore the normal blood flow. In some cases, a balloon like a device is placed in the blood vessel that helps to keep it open.

Brain Blood Clot Treatment Cost in Delhi:

The cost of surgery depends on various factors like

  • The experience of the surgeon.
  • Operating room and devices cost.
  • Anesthesia cost.
  • The severity of the condition.
  • Type of surgery or treatment provided.
  • Medications.

The cost of brain blood clot removal treatment in India amounts between Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 4,00,000. One must consult with their surgeon to know more about the cost, as according to the severity of one's condition, the treatment cost may vary.

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One day I woke up from a headache that refused to subside even after eating medications. It worsened after some time, and later I felt nauseous and started to vomit along with dropping eyelids. I was rushed to the hospital where my CT scan and ER were performed. The reports showed a stroke and possible clot formation on the brain's right side. After the MRI scan, I was admitted, and then Dr. Arun came in and provided me treatment for the massive blood clot. Dr. Arun has given me a second life to live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sudden blockage of a brain artery is the cause of several strokes. Treatment to remove clots (also known as thrombolytic treatment) will help you recover more quickly from a stroke.

This isn't something you notice right away. It can take weeks or months for a DVT or pulmonary embolism to dissipate fully. Even a superficial clot, which is a minor problem, can take weeks to resolve. If you have a DVT or pulmonary embolism, you will normally feel better as the clot shrinks.

A blood clot in the brain may result in facial, hand, or foot weakness, speech and vision problems, headaches, and dizziness. Many of these signs are similar to those experienced by people who have had a heart attack or a stroke. If you think you have a blood clot, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Drugs known as thrombolytics dissolve blood clots. Doctors can administer thrombolytics intravenously or through a vein catheter, which allows them to deliver the drug directly to the clot location. Thrombolytics, on the other hand, can increase the risk of bleeding.

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